Setting up Wirecast 6.x |

Setting up Wirecast 6.x

These instructions will show you how to configure Wirecast 6.x to live stream with CWM.

NOTE: These instructions are for Wirecast 6.x and older versions of Wirecast slightly differ.

  1. Open up the Wirecast encoder program and from the main menu click 'Output' > 'Output Settings'.
  2. On the next screen choose 'RTMP Server'. If a menu did not appear in where you can choose this, click on 'Add' then 'RTMP Server'.
  3. Now login to your CWM Account and under the Stream Settings page find your 'FMS URL' under the "Your Encoder Settings" section. Copy and paste the FMS URL into the 'Address' field of the Wirecast encoder program.
  4. Now copy & paste the 'Stream' name from your CWM Account into the 'Stream' field of the Wirecast encoder program.
  5. Press 'OK' to save the changes.
  6. You should now be able to live stream by pressing the 'Stream' button.